Our mission is to make available, high quality building products of international standards, at competitive cost to our valuable Indian Clients. Our Vision is to be become prominent building company in India by our transparent transactions and through continuous efforts to understand the clients requirement and to share our International experience.

HYPERDESMO CLASSIC ( Recommended for Exposed Roof Areas )

One component, seamless moisture cure Polyurethane Liquid   Membrane for waterproofing solution having excellent weather and UV resistance, strong bonding to substrate, breathable, highly elastic with exceptional mechanical resistant properties.

It can be applied on concrete, Masonry, Wood, Marble, Ceramic Tile, Asbestos & Metal Sheets, Asphalt membrane, PU foam surfaces etc by brush / roller / spray gun.

Coverage 1 to 1.5 kg. per sqm.

It is widely used in Multi level Car Parking Area, by improving its abrasive strength with addition of ADYE resin.

HYPERDESMO PB 2K ( Recommended for Covered Roof, Podium Slabs, Bridge Decks etc., )

HYPERDESMO PB 2K is a fast curing, self levelling, two component ( 1: 1 ) PU membrane with excellent elongation property ( >1000% ) which enables to bridge static and live cracks.

It’s inherent properties like root resistant, exceptional adhesion to the concrete ( >20Kg per sqcm ), expected service life of 25 years, forgiving product of substrate flaws makes it most preferred waterproofing coating for podium and bridge deck slabs. In Landscape area, it is covered with drainage membrane.

HYPERDESMO 2K W ( Recommended for Water Tanks )

it is a solvent free, thixotropic, two component, high quality seamless elastomeric Polyurethane membrane designed to line water retaining structures. It is a strong coating with exceptional resistant to bacterial growth, chemicals etc., and it is Certified by latest Europe union standards to use in portable Water Tanks. It is does not require any further protective plaster.

It can also be used as remedial Waterproofing for old Masonry, Concrete, Steel, Precast tanks and very effective across construction joints, tie rod holes, pipe penetrations etc.

( Recommended for Expansion joint Treatment between 10mm to 100mm )

Alchimica’s HYPERSEAL range of Polyurethane sealants distinguished for its outstanding adhesion to the substrate and long term performance. Unlike many other PU sealants in the market, HYPERSEAL is a Unique Product with low modulus and thixotropic joint sealant combining classical PU & Hybrid Technologies. Available in Gun applied and pourable grades and widely used in construction & Industrial applications.

For sealing wider gap  width and to counter substantial shear, differential movements at the expansion joints, precast panels, high performance JOINT SEALING TAPES are used.

Contact our Technical department to get more details about ALPHA, DELTA & SIGMA range of expansion joint tapes.

AQUASMART ( Recommended for Green Building Solutions )

AQUASMART range of revolutionary PU membrane is eco friendly and preferred Green Building waterproofing product across the world. AQUASMART PB range of polyurethane membranes are solvent free, water based enhanced with bitumen polymers ideally suitable for Roof Slabs, Basement Walls, Toilet, Kitchen and other wet areas.

AQUASMART THERMO is a single component, advanced Polyurethane membrane with waterproofing and Thermal Insulating properties. Unlike other Acrylic coatings it performs by the 100 % closed cell of polyurethane foam and its insulation property does not fade with deposit of dust on the surface.

HYPERFLOOR ( Recommended for Industrial and Spots Floor Applications )

HYPERFLOOR is a two component, self levelling solvent free Polyurethane floor coating on curing produces a strong, non toxic, slightly elastic floor film with excellent tensile and shear strength.

Compared to Epoxy coating, Polyurethane floor coating is UV stable, slightly elastic with good scratch resistance, tolerant to larger temperature swings and handles humidity much better. Since pot life of Polyurethane mix is more compared to Epoxy, workability is better.

HYPERDESMO –  T is another 100% aliphatic transparent PU Membrane, ideally suitable to treat the leaking water bodies, balconies without disturbing the aesthetics of the tiles.

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