About Us


Hindustan waterproofing is a recognized leader in the development, installation, distribution of premium quality waterproofing and roofing products. Hindustan waterproofing has achieved continued growth through the addition of new products application and expansion of marketing efforts. The seamless membrane has been installed in Andhra Pradesh on over .8 million square feet of concrete roof decks, asbestos cements sheets, corrugated sheets, foundations, reflecting pools, walls, toilets, and other structures in over 25 cities.

We are proud to provide services to:

  • Commercial Businesses
  • New Constructions and Existing Properties
  • Home Builders and Homeowners

As we clearly know that Waterproofing is a sensitive job and expensive, we are always committed to deliver our clients with services in an appropriate manner. We offer our services at reasonable price to deliver our clients optimum satisfaction.

Our Mission

We count every customer as valued. We always focus on delivering high-quality service to our customers and providing best experience that makes them feel esteemed